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Website Subscription: Price List

 The following packages and individual web-based services are available for purchase from Lands & Survey. Access to all packages and services are for a one-year subscription period. Additional licenses within the same organization can be purchased at discounted rates.

Payment Options (payments can be made in CI or US dollars):

  • Cheque drawn on Cayman Islands Bank
  • International Money Order
  • Bank Draft
  • Bank Transfer

To sign up for a package, please call or visit us today or email

Mapping Packages

Package Services Included 1st License(CI$) Additional Licenses (CI$)
Bronze Caymap Bronze $3,000 $750
Silver Caymap Silver $4,500 $1,125
Gold Package
Caymap Gold
Land Registers *
Registry Map Extracts *
Reduced Registry Maps
$6,500 $1,625
Platinum Package
Caymap Platinum
Land Registers *
Registry Map Extracts *
Reduced Registry Maps
$11,000 $3,850


Registry Document Services

Registry Document Services are available as individual subscriptions services. They are also included in some of the Mapping Packages listed above.

Services 1st License
Additional Licenses (CI$)
Land Registers (Current and Historical) * $3,000 $750
Registry Map Extract * $1,000 $250
Reduced Registry Maps $750 $187

* These services also incur the following government-mandated statutory fees on a per-use basis: Land Registers, CI$5 per view of a single edition and CI$14 per print of a single edition; Registry Map Extract, CI$5 per print. Each archived edition of a Land Register is counted as a separate search for billing purposes.


Data Services

Data Services are available as individual subscription services. They are also included in some of the Mapping Packages listed above.

Services 1st License
Additional Licenses (CI$)
CAD Data (Registry Map in AutoCAD DWG Format) $5,000 NA


Online Mapping: Caymap Desktop and Mobile

Lands & Survey offers a suite of online services to meet the public and private sector need for access to the land registry and geographic data maintained by the Lands & Survey Department. These web-based services include interactive map viewers, land register document retrieval, land registry-derived map document production and digital data delivery.

Annual subscriptions are available for individual services as well as packages of bundled services. See Price List and Sign-up Forms for a list of Package Options and Pricing.

For a printer-friendly summary of the Subscription Options described below, a Web Subscriptions Brochure (PDF, 1.5Mb, 2 pages) is available.

For more information on how Caymap, the Registry Document Services, and related data can be used in your organisation, please contact

Package Features


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Basic Viewer
  • Low Resolution Map
  • Location Search Tool
  • Simple Drawing Tools
  • Simple Navigation Layers
  • Map Tips

Advanced Viewer
  • Desktop & Mobile Version
  • High Resolution Map
  • Web Project Saving
  • Identify & Query Tools
  • Location Search Tool
  • Parcel Search Tool
  • Measuring Tools (Distance & Area)
  • Select by Buffered Area
  • Coordinate Input & Display
  • Advanced Drawing Tools
  • High Resolution Printing
  • Load ESRI Shapefiles
  • Adjustable Transparency
  • Detailed Map Tips

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  • Dedicated Subscriber Hotline
  • Complimentary Training Sessions

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  • Roads
  • Streets
  • Buildings
  • Aerial 2013

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  • Parcel Ownership
  • Parcel Aerial Hybrid
  • Parcel Boundaries
  • Leases
  • Feature Overlay

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Historic Aerials
  • Aerial 2008
  • Satellite 2004
  • Aerial 2004
  • Aerial 1999
  • Aerial 1994
  • Aerial 1971
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  • Election Boundaries 2004
  • Quarries
  • Government & Civil Service
  • Other Community Services
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  • Land for Public Purpose
  • Proposed Roads
  • Historic Overlay
  • Building Permits
  • General Commercial Overlay
  • Airport Height Restrictions
  • Scenic Coastline
  • Hotel Tourism Zone
  • Planning Zones
  • Intrastructure Fee
  • Building Permit Fee
  • Enumeration Areas
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  • Terrain (DTM)
  • Terrain (DSM)
  • Ivan Flood
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Land Registry
  • Land Registers
  • Registry Map Extract
  • Reduced Registry Maps
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  • Survey Controls
  • BP & PCM's
  • Graphic Index
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Sales Comparables
  • Sales Comparables Labels
  • 2010 - Present
  • 2006 - 2009
  • 1996 - 2005
  • Lease Comparables
  • Sales Comparable Tool
  • Lease Comparable Tool
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The Editing Module enhances your subscription allowing you to edit and maintain 5 Geographic Datasets. The initial setup is performed by our staff to your specifications. You have the ability to set users in your company up as either editors or non-editors. The web editor allows the capture of both geographic features and attributes.

Your data is stored in a separate database, backed up transactionally, and nightly backups are made available to you.

Your data is kept private, but with your authorization and our prior agreement it can be shared with other subscribers.