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Currently Available Online Tools

  • New Buffer Map Calculator - Calculates cost based on block & parcel and buffer distance for owner listing, labels (1 set or 5 sets), planning forms, and email listing.
  • Parcel Change History - produces a report that traces the history of parcel changes
  • Registry Document Tracking - if you have submitted a Land Registry form, you can track the status of your document here
  • Block by Registration Section - links Blocks to their Registration Section

Buffer Map Calculator

This tool computes a buffer quote for specific block and parcels. To generate a quote enter the block and parcel separated by a comma and the buffer distance; select the check box items to include Labels, Planning Forms and Email Listings in your quote..

* Note: Calculation is for information only and will be assessed in-house once the request is made.

e.g. Block & Parcel:12C101,12C104 Distance (ft):150

View Buffer Map Quote:

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Parcel Change History

This tool now allows you to trace the history of parcel changes by block or by individual parcel. Enter a block and, optionally, a parcel below and click "Get Report" to generate a real-time PDF report.

View parcel change history for:

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Registry Document Tracking

This tool allows you to enter a Tracking ID to view the current processing status of your submitted Land Registry forms. The Tracking ID is sent to you via email (if you provided it on the form) after the submitted form is entered into the system for processing.

Enter your Tracking ID:
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Block by Registration Section

This tool helps you link Blocks to Registration Sections. To find out what Registration Section a Block is in, select the Block from the drop down list. To find out what Blocks are part of a particular Registration Section, select the Registration Section from the drop down list.

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